CONNECT /// Disconnect

Connect ||| Disconnect

Hannah G. Thompson will be working in collaboration with electronic sound artist Arvid Tomayko to create and perform wearable fabric sculptures, which unfold and connect to their surrounding installation of fabric sculptures. Our bodies will act as controllers that will manipulate the soundscape based on the relation of the two bodies to the installed sculptures. The sculptures are able to connect to each other via “tentacles” with audio plugs in order to engage with the idea of human emotional and intellectual connections through the media of physical movement and sound manipulation. The sculptures contain surprising hidden elements that unfold as they are performed. The performance follows a directed improvisation format, creating an engaging and constantly changing visual and audio environment. Through the use of sound, movement and visuals we will express a representation of human interaction and what that looks like in 2015.

butterlies 2.1 Connect:::Disconnect tunnel 3.1 AMP