Somatic Print Series 2023


LOVE BODY BODY BODY delves into the intricate relationship between AI, digital realms, and creative expression. Amidst vibrant projections and … More

The Painting as a Portal – Summer 2022

  Paintings for sale individually from the artist.

The Body is a Puppet Show

Performances April 2022 at New Orleans Giant Puppet Festival Performers: Richard Siday Ben Hamburger H. Gene Thompson Wearables by H. … More

Cosmic Abundance: Locating the Body in Space

Written and Directed by H. Gene Thompson Performance November 18, 2021 at Wyatt Pavilion Theater at UC Davis Performers Seongmin … More

Drought Today, Drought Tomorrow


Shadow Work

Strategies for Working Through Codependency

Visualizing Energetic Pathways

Jan-Feb 2020 residency at Sulfur Studios in Savannah, GA Photo Credit: Calvin Wayne Photography  

The Rainbow Connection Project

H. Gene Thompson, in collaboration with BikePGH, The Office of Public Art and Fineview Citizens Council, organized two free participatory … More

Force Fields

Force Fields is a collaborative dance performance created and produced by artists H. Gene Thompson and Ru Emmons. The duo uses … More


Reclaiming Space

Collaboration with Peter Redgrave

Apart From Me

Using a combination of wearable fabric sculptures, interactive sensors, movement and sound, artists H. Gene Thompson, Arvid Tomayko, Anna Azzizy … More

Urchin Searchin’ Sound

A collaborative interactive sculpture made by: H. Gene Thompson and Arvid Tomayko-Peters as part of The Pittsburgh Children’s Museum residency … More

Save the Jobs

Seeking a Light

Lungs in the Air

  Lungs in the Air Created for the Freshworks Residency Program 30-minute performance with slate, two bodies, water, piano, and … More

Postive Contact



Tentacle Horn

Hannah G. Thompson and Arvid Tomayko bring their work together to create a wearable two-person sculpture built from a trumpet, flexible tubes and fabric that is performed as a musical instrument. The two performers will create tones as they move throughout crowds and manipulate the flexible sonic appendages of the fabric construction.

Garden Movement

In ‘Garden Movement” Thompson will be working with a group of youth in Spring Garden in the stages of develop of her sculpture and for the performance of the final piece. The group will work on creating visual illusions by uncovering new parts of the work with their dance and movement.
She will lead the group to create wearable sculptures which will be unfolded as a series of transformations.

Tent Worm

Hannah G. Thompson and Arvid Tomayko bring their work together to create a wearable two-person fabric sculpture performed as an interactive instrument. A garden of tentacles constitutes a patching interface to control layers of sound.


H. Gene Thompson is a mixed media artist whose work questions the body and its form with their exploration of … More

CONNECT /// Disconnect

Connect ||| Disconnect Hannah G. Thompson will be working in collaboration with electronic sound artist Arvid Tomayko to create and … More

Other Girls

Other Girls  (Video, Jacksonville, Burro Bar/// 17th February 2015) Fabric, irrigation tubing, spandex bands, sound. Movement based performance of … More


Toured with Onley.Tonight in 2013 This project developed over the duration of several residencies. The first at Future Tenant in Pittsburgh, … More

No Rave/ Null Rave


  Performers: Ella Moriah Mason slowdanger Riva Strauss

Older Work