LOVE BODY BODY BODY delves into the intricate relationship between AI, digital realms, and creative expression. Amidst vibrant projections and dynamic interactions, the artist engages with animated canvases, wearables, and captivating video characters. This interdisciplinary venture, in collaboration with AI, births a compelling, over-the-top environmental ‘whodunit’ mystery, where river wildlife take on human-like roles. The now-iconic digital voices of TikTok narrate the play and infuse absurdity into the multi-layered narrative. However, interspersed within are somatic meditations, embodied in wearable sculptures inhabiting expansive visual environments that ponder our existence within both physical and digital spaces. Amidst the empowering allure of AI’s capabilities, the shadows of this relationship are explored. Will the artist thrive within these projections or be engulfed by the void? Join us in exploring the confluence of human and machine, creativity, and AI’s looming omnipresence in a multi-sensory, all ages performance.

Performances – 2023

  • Fine Arts Work Center, Provincetown, MA
  • New Orleans Giant Puppet Fest