The Rainbow Connection Project

H. Gene Thompson, in collaboration with BikePGH, The Office of Public Art and Fineview Citizens Council, organized two free participatory performance events in Fineview on Friday, October 11th (Carrie Street steps) and Saturday, October 12th (Graib Street steps) 2019, celebrating the ways city steps connect people both physically and energetically. These events featured a line-up of communal wearable sculpture interactions both on and around the two sets of city steps, celebrating our potential to connect to one another in unlikely spaces.

This work uses physical proximity as a transformative tool, asking the audience to join in the creation and production of a performance to thoughtful house music–style dance track in which the voices of local youth announce their individual truths. Thompson curated eight performing artists to facilitate audience members’ experiences of the wearable sculptures from both the inside and outside using segments of movement choreographed by youth.

Artist and Organizer: H. Gene Thompson
Performers: Trevor C. Miles, R.M. Guido, Kelsey Robinson, Gunner LaBluff, Stephanie Dax, Nikki Dana, Donnie Burney, Peter Redgrave and Julian Harris

Photo credits: Kitoko Chargois