Two Mako Sharks

Hannah G. Thompson and Arvid Tomayko bring their work together to create a wearable two person fabric sculpture performed as an interactive instrument. A garden of tentacles constitutes a patching interface to control layers of sound.The suit is performed as a musical instrument. The stuffed tentacles are slowly extracted and connect to make different soundscapes.

We toured across the country with it in September- October. Here’s a video of our show in Oakland – should give you an idea of the performance:

and here’s the project webpage:

1655945_1540704976160557_8111834936835342848_n 10612810_1471282473142950_2746779196089383089_n Two Mako 1 Two Mako 3 Two Mako 4 Two Mako 6 Two Mako 9  Two Mako Sharks