Older Work

Two Mako Sharks

Hannah G. Thompson and Arvid Tomayko bring their work together to create a wearable two person fabric sculpture performed as … More

Flora/ Fauna

Trespass: Residency



Garfield Listening Project

Garfield Listening Project   Garfield Listening Project, (Recorded audio matched and edited to video installed in Fabric sculpture, speaker in … More

Divide of Sabras

The Jungle

The Jungle An environment created to brings an experience of a jungle into an indoor space. To be in a … More

Lost In Time Travel Surrounded by Evil

  This image is the cover to a fully illustrated hand printed book.

Separate Realities

Separate Realities This piece was performed in a space that was altered by installed fabric sculptures. The audience entered a … More

Lady Pharaoh and the Phat Moms


Keepers of the Woods

Keepers of the Woods

Keepers of the Woods A created environment based on a narrative where the forest was slowly being eaten by mold … More


Tomorrow Mixed Media Installation, 30’x22’, Installed at Artist Image Resource. In Tomorrow, the crows chase the pigeons out of the … More